Parsun Outboard F40BEL-T-EFI, 40HP 4 Stroke Long Shaft
Parsun Outboard F40BEL-T-EFI, 40HP 4 Stroke Long Shaft
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Parsun Outboard F40BEL-T-EFI, 40HP 4 Stroke Long Shaft
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Parsun Outboard F40BEL-T-EFI, 40HP 4 Stroke Long Shaft

Parsun Outboard F40BEL-T-EFI, 40HP 4 Stroke Long Shaft

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3 Year Factory Warranty

With the proven reliable Delphi E.F.I. system, the 40 HP Outboard Motor is a tough unit built for quality, built for durability, long life and easily minimal maintenance, all while giving top performance but with economical operating expense.


  • Through propeller hub exhaust and proprietary anti vibration technology provides a smooth quiet operation.
  • Superior engineering of critical engine components: water cooled fuel system, thermostat controlled engine temperature, stainless steel water pump housing liner and camshaft-driven engine oil pump are design features that contribute towards this outboard’s outstanding durability.
  • The electronic fuel injection’s ECU determines the precise amount of fuel that needs to be delivered by the injector, it also delivers the exact air/fuel ratio to the engine by activating the injectors for the precise amount of time measured in milliseconds.
  • Several different sensors continually monitor the engine’s critical major functions.  This helps protect your outboard from damage due to over-revving, overheating, low oil pressure or over heating, and automatically reduce the engine power to prevent damage.
  • The precision engineered shift system delivers smooth and positive shifting for an improved boating experience.
  • The large displacement engine with a single overhead cam increases the low-end power with smooth and strong performance providing excellent acceleration even when pushing a heavy load.
  • Supplied (included) fuel-water separator and fuel filter prevent any debris or water in the fuel from getting into the engine.
  • Built-in freshwater flushing system provides easy routine flushing. 
  • High output 18 amp alternator for battery charging and fishing electronics.
  • Digital CD ignition system for quick start of the engine.
  • Power trim & tilt or hydraulic lift system available
  • Tiller or remote controls
  • Manual or electric start
  • The thumbscrew mounting bracket reduces the time and effort needed to install or remove the outboard from a boat’s transom, although the transom bracket can (and we recommend this) be bolted to the transom.
  • Multi point electronic fuel injection with ECM control delivers the precise fuel / air mixture for optimum combustion and provides smooth running.
  • Warning & protection: low oil pressure warning, overheat warning, start-in-gear protection for safe engine starting, safety lanyard and over-revving limiter.


Model Unit F40BEL-T-EFI
Overall length mm 768 (30.2)
Overall width mm 410 (16.1)
Overall height mm 1234 (48.6)
Transom height mm 508 (20.0)
Weight kg 100
Full throttle operating range rpm 5000-6000
Maximum output Kw(HP) @r/min 29.4(40) @5500
Idling speed (Neutral) rpm 850-950
Engine type OHC
Cylinders L3
Displacement cm³ 747
Bore x stroke mm(in.) 65.0x75.0(2.56x2.95)
Ignition system CDI
Control system Tiller control
Starting control Manual & elect start
Gear positions Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Gear ratio 2.0(26/13)
Trim and tilt system Electric tilt
Fuel Tank capacity L 24
Maximum fuel waste L /h 13.8
Engine oil capacity (without oil filter) L 1.7
Gear oil capacity cm³ 430
Propeller options* in 3 – 113/8 x12 or 3-11 1/8 x 13


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